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Racks Hogan

Born and raised in Ohio - where legendary skater Chad Muska gave him his first pair of sneakers - "Racks" moved to NYC to level up his style game. The re-seller turned social media personality entered the limelight on Complex’s Supreme Drop series and has since been a key personality for the outlet. After turning down a deal with Nike, Racks decided to independently make a name for himself with Grayskull. From waiting in line, to covering the line, to creating a line, he's done it all.

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Racks Hogan’s first love in streetwear has always been shoes. Grayskull’s entire collection started out as a complement to his black denim/black leather signature shoe. Along with a brand logo inspired by Mortal Kombat, the cozy streetwear collection effortlessly embodies Racks’ trap-skate-gamer persona.